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Having problems with Highway 65 Radio? That's not cool, so let us help right away!

* If you're having problems with audio, navigating the site, Highway 65 Club login, or other technical issues, send an e-mail to detailing the exact nature of the problem and the errors you're receiving. If you're having problems logging in with the Highway 65 Club, include your user name, password, full name, and address so we can locate you faster in our database and get you back on track. (And no, we can't change your birth date to make you younger.)

* If you're experiencing "Runtime" or "Debug" errors in Internet Explorer, it's likely that some other program has altered your settings and is affecting your browser's ability to see our site. While we'd like to find the guys behind that program and give them a little "attitude adjustment" on the top of the head for messing with your Highway 65 Radio, you can restore your basic settings by simply following the instructions in this link - Don't worry; you don't need to be a computer geek to figure it out.

* If you are interested in advertising and partnering with Highway 65 Radio please email